Working hard behind the scenes of MOTEK’s 4th Annual Gala to make May 7th a night to remember


#MOTEK team are always working hard even on the journey to MOTEK headquarters #ShlomiShabatphoto 4 (1)

#MOTEK team busy picking out fabrics for decor photo 3

Deliveries to the office always make us happy #ShlomiShabat

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Here is the dedicated MOTEK team having a meeting late into the evening to make May 7th a night to remember #ShlomiShabat #LagBomor

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Celebrate #LogBomer with #Shlomi Shabat The Soul of Israel sound and #MOTEK May 7th

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Behind the scenes at #MOTEK Headquarters Friday morning

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Modelling some #MOTEK swag around headquarters

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Owing to the great success of last year’s event, on May 7th MOTEK and our dedicated Co-Chairs Alan Greenberg and Cary Green are thrilled to host the iconic Israeli artist, Shlomi Shabat. With a loyal following spanning three generations of Israeli music lovers, Shabat has produced 18 hit albums in various musical styles ranging from Mediterranean, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Ladino to good old-fashioned Rock n’ Roll. These days, Shlomi serves as a primary mentor on TV’s “THE VOICE Israel”. ShlomiFlyer

#MOTEK Spotlight Hannah Ehrlich


Spring of 2013, I knew I wanted to spend my summer outside of Chicago working for a music organization in another big city. Little did I know that big city would be in another country working to represent my favorite country. In May 2013, I packed two bags for three months and moved to a sublet apartment downtown Toronto to intern for MOTEK and represent Israel through music. I was incredibly passionate about Israel having lived there from September 2010 – June 2011, I was studying music management, and I wanted to be in Toronto. It was a perfect match.

I loved MOTEK and believed in everything that it was. I immediately fit in and it felt like home to be with Israelis and doing Israeli things. By that I mean, drinking instant coffee, eating amazing Israeli nuts and snacks, having home cooked Israeli meals, and pretending the rooftop of the Thompson hotel was the Tel Aviv beach.

The team was incredible and Ravid was one of the most passionate women I had ever met.  The first day I met her she told me her whole life story and I knew she was going to be someone to look up to. She was determined to change the way in which the world sees Israel and I couldn’t have agreed more. The summer before working at MOTEK, I went back to Israel on a trip teaching students the best way to portray Israel at our colleges with Indiana University (where I attended school). The trip was very encouraging and I learned so much that I still use to this day, but nothing like MOTEK – taking away the politics and just looking at the beauty of what Israel was giving to their country and to ours. I learned so much during my time at MOTEK – about all social media platforms, how challenging and rewarding working at a not for profit can be, and how valuable both positive and negative feedback can be throughout our lives. MOTEK helped me give back to Israel in a way I could have never done so and I look forward to seeing its growth in the years to come. I am such a supporter and truly believe that music is the way in which we should see the world. Ravid’s vision is inspirational and will forever hold a very special place in my heart. I hope to one day be on the board, supporting Israel through music all over the world.

#MOTEK Spotlight Vinita Garg


Last summer I did my internship with MOTEK Cultural Initiative , a non profit organization that spreads the culture of Israel through music. I did my internship as an administrative intern. I was moved by the working culture at MOTEK and the guidance provided by them . My major responsibilities were to create databases of concert venues, data sorting and managing MOTEK fan club. MOTEK followed a business culture by keeping weekly meetings in which work assigned is reviewed and you know what to do next. MOTEK provided me an exposure to the Canadian corporate culture and helped me to grow as a business professional. The flat hierarchy working style of MOTEK is the best as it helps you to mix and mingle easily in the organizational culture. MOTEK helped me to build a professional network. I am very delighted that I got an opportunity to work there and will be looking forward to see the growth of this organization.

MOTEK Intern,

Vinita Garg